We specialize in the creation of special makeup/creature effects for the motion picture industry. We also provide designs & prototypes for Video Games, Toys, and possibly you.

Grimm Grotto has also produced its own brand of comics, picture books and other such sorcery.

Grimm Grotto Goods is Matt Rose and Chad Waters.

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Unearthed and ready to deaducate!

A zombie awareness book that will feed young minds and re-animate mature minds through fleshed out imagery and biting poesy.

Written and Illustrated by Chad Waters

From Red Maverick Publishing.


More than a skillful satire of the reality-tv format, this is a bizarro world of COPS. As if your cable service suddenly tapped into hell. WHEN ZOMBIES ATTACK!! is a true event!!...
-Director/Writer Guillermo Del Toro (Pacific Rim, Hellboy 1 & 2, Pan’s Labyrinth)

A mockumentary short that follows heroic officer Frank Hadely of the Post Mortem Animation Control (P.M.A.C.) as he strives to protect and serve the citizens of Burke County while investigating and ridding the community of the ever present threat of the undead.

This was shot and edited before the digital era and used enough hard drives to fill a small SUV.

A children's puppet show was also created by the P.M.A.C. to promote zombie awareness to elementary schools. It appears here in its entirety.

WHEN ZOMBIES ATTACK!! surpasses being skillful parody. It taps into the zombie zeitgeist of Romero and becomes legitimate horror in its own right. It’s a surprising, inventive, and muscular blend of the genres that leaves the horror fan amused, appalled, and wanting more.
-Director/Writer Frank Darabont (The Walking Dead, The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile)

This project eventually spawned a comic book series.



 The comic book extension of Grimm Grotto's short WHEN ZOMBIES ATTACK!! was launched by Red Maverick Publishing. The 5 issue series was written by Chad Waters and Matt Rose and features artists Jim Mahfood, Simeon Wilkins and Joe Suitor. Covers by Mike Huddleston.


With over 25 years of combined experience, Matt Rose and Chad Waters have contributed to many memorable characters and creatures in the film industry. Compiled here is a sample of our work as supervisors/key artists for Rick Baker, Stan Winston, and Spectral Motion studios.

  • Note: Although we are designers, supervisors and/or key artists for the images in this portfolio, the final product is often achieved with the support of many other talented artists.


With Halloween creeping in, Creature Features celebrates the launch of ZOMBIE FOOD, a board book for all ages who love hair-raising and flesh crawling fun.

Written and Illustrated by Chad Waters, the book features creepy puppets created by Matt Rose and Waters – both makeup/creature effects artists whose combined credits include HELLBOY 1 and 2, the MEN IN BLACK trilogy, GREMLINS 2, and the original PREDATOR.

Purchase Zombie Food at Creature Features and pick up a free issue #5 of Chad and Matt’s comic book adaption of WHEN ZOMBIES ATTACK!! from Red Maverick Publishing.  The complete series will also be available. Also, the original Zombie Food puppet props, maquettes and other artwork will be featured in the gallery.

So stop in Oct. 24 between 2-6pm and get your copy of ZOMBIE FOOD and other treats signed before your big Halloween party. Costumes welcomed!